Hand dyed throw quilt

Throw quilt hand dyed with indigo using various shibori methods.

Pot holders

hand dyed fabric (ice dyed)

Pot holders

Commissioned piece using client's block-printed fabric

Hand Dyed throw

Hand dyed fabric

Hand dyed fabric

Pot holders + spoon rests made by Piper Pottery

Baby quilt in patchwork triangles

Baby quilt in herringbone and rainbow patterns

Whole cloth baby quilt

Hand dyed fabric

Patchwork throw quilt

Baby whole cloth quilt

baby whole cloth quilt

indigo hand dyed fabrics

quilted throw pillow

Queen size triangle quilt

Finished pot holders ready for market

Booth photo December 2017

Baby whole cloth quilt

Baby whole cloth quilt using Rifle Paper Company fabrics.

Throw quilt hand dyed using various shibori methods.

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