I can remember every single quilt that I've made so far, because there was a story behind each one. In some instances, the story was mine and played out while I was making the quilt; Like the time I figured out I was pregnant with my second child - while working on a quilt for my first child! In other instances, the story belonged to the person that I was making the quilt for.

In the winter of 2009, I decided to make two baby quilts for a friend that was expecting twins. This was one of my more ambitious wild-hair moments. I only had 7 days to get them done for her baby shower. I was very inexperienced and had no idea what I was doing. I learned so much on those first quilts and I loved every second of making them.. Even the seconds where my needle kept breaking while I was working on the binding :). By the time they were finished, I was hooked.

I then moved on to making quilts and bedding for my own children, for my nephew, friends, and family friends. Each time a quilt was delivered to it's new owner, they would tell me "You know, you really should try to sell these.". So, after several years of solid advice from friends and family, I finally started my own shop.

Each quilt is made by myself, with love, on my antique sewing machine while my kids are sleeping :).

I learn something new with each quilt. No matter how much thought and planning goes into each one, it never quite turns out the way that I thought it would and I LOVE that! Every quilt is so incredibly unique, even if I'm making the same exact one for the second or even third time, they truly are one-of-a-kind. As I am making them, I think about the warmth and comfort that they provide, and that they may even be family heirlooms to be enjoyed for generations.

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